Marie’s Garden for Autism

Go Fund Me DonationsHello and Welcome to Marie’s Garden for Autism. My name is Danielle Watt and I am the mother of a 13 year old child with Asperger’s, ADHD and OCD as well as a nearly 5 year old child with Autism and several sensory issues. Both of my children have been teased, taunted, bullied, assaulted and put down through the years because they are “different”. At times the “bullying” has been unimaginable and has deeply hurt both our children. It makes us as parents feel completely powerless and helpless. The things that have been said and done to my children are gut wrenching.  They shouldn’t happen to anyone!!

We didn’t want to cause our children anymore anxiety then they have already suffered from it, so we have dealt with most of it within our family, except particular incidents where authorities had to be involved. We have rarely spoken about the bulling and the abuse they have endured to other people for fear of causing them embarrassment or making them even more of a target. But what does that do? Who does that actually help? It help’s keep the “dirty little secret” hidden that disabled and special needs children being bullied and not always just by peers, but by adults as well. If we don’t talk about it and bring light to it, then it will continue to happen to our children and other children and that’s not something my husband or I are prepared to do anymore.

Children with Disabilities and Special Needs are far more likely (4 times more) to be bullied then other children. As if dealing with everyday life wasn’t already hard enough for them, they are also targeted by bullies. As a person, a woman and most importantly a mother I won’t sit by and do nothing.

Several months ago I developed a concept for a play center called Marie’s Garden for Autism. To start Marie’s Garden will be a center dedicated to child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) ADD, ADHD, OCD and sensory issues. It took months of research and fact finding to get me to the point I’m at now which is trying to get the funding to make Marie’s Garden a reality.

Marie’s Garden will be open 7 days a week to provide classes and programs for children as well as parents and carer’s. My goal is for Marie’s Garden to be a place where children genuinely want to go to have fun, learn and socialize all while being themselves. Marie’s Garden is a safe haven where bullying will not exist. Each child will be supported and praised for their individuality and uniqueness. All of our staff will be properly trained, extremely understanding and compassionate and above all else respectful of each and every child and their families. I want Marie’s Garden to be an extension of each child’s home, for them to feel comfortable and safe just like he or she does when they are home with their families.

Unfortunately Marie’s Garden will never exist unless we can raise the funding necessary.

If I had the money to start up Marie’s Garden it would already be in operation, but unfortunately I don’t. I thought about going to investors or getting a partner to back this financially but then it wouldn’t be about the kids and the families, it would be about the bottom dollar. I’m not doing this to become rich, I genuinely want to help children and families and do it in an affordable way to everyone.

At the end of each year Marie’s Garden will donate 50% of it’s net profit earnings to charities and the other 50% will go towards expanding Marie’s Garden and opening new location’s. It is my hope that after opening our first location in America, Marie’s Garden for Autism will continue to spread throughout America as well as Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, South America, and more.  Please help Marie’s Garden start growing.

Marie’s Garden for Autism would like to Introduce our “Bee a Buddy Program”

The Bee a Buddy Program is completely FREE.

At Marie’s Garden we feel very strongly about the happiness, security and above all safety of ALL children, that is why we have created the Bee a Buddy Program. Marie’s Garden and the Bee a Buddy Program is a Bully Free Zone.

Our “Bee a Buddy” Program is a wonderful opportunity for ALL children to get together at their local Marie’s Garden location with their parents and or guardians and spend time getting to know each other. The Bee a Buddy program will be held the first and third Saturday of every month from 10am to noon and is open for all children from birth to age 15 to attend with their parents.

Bee a Buddy Program Goal’s:

~ To help children appreciate the differences that make each of us unique.

~ To help children see why bullying is wrong and not to do it.

~To bring children in the local communities together in a fun laid back environment.

~ To bring parents in the local communities together in a fun laid back environment.

~ To unite all children regardless of differences.

By clicking on the “Marie’s Garden Where Love Grows” picture or the ‘Donate’ picture below you will be brought to our Go Fund Me Page. There you can donate to the Marie’s Garden Campaign and help us reach our goal so we can breath life into Marie’s Garden and start helping children and their families.

No donation is too small, every dollar counts. You can help us make a difference.